22 April 2008

Felice Brothers: Whiskey in my whiskey (The Felice Brothers)
American Mars: Marionette (Western Skies)
American Speedway: Make some noise (Ship of fools)
Elisabeth Cotten: Shake Sugaree (Elisabeth Cotton live)
Black Keys: Psychotic Girl (Attack and Release)
PawnShop kings: Sad eyes (Locksley)
Jason Collett: No redemption song (Here’s to being here)
Leo Graham & King Tubby & The Upsetters. Three Blind Mice 8Trojasn 12? Box)
Hi-Risers: One note Joe (Once we get started)
Aaron Watson: Breaker Breaker One Nin (Angels and Outlaws)
Carlene Carter: The bitter end (Stronger)
Patsy Montana: He’s A Wild And Reckless Cowboy
Mississippi Sheiks: Blood in my eyes for you (Show me what you got)
Jason Collett: Charlyn, Angel of Kensington(Here’s to being here)

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