30 Okt 2002

Los Lobos: Good morning Aztlan Los Lobos: Tony y Maria Waco Brothers: AFC Song Waco Brothers: Better everyday 16 Horsepower. Hatterite mile 16 HP: Single girl Steve Earle: Shadowland Steve Earle: John Walker’s blues Lee Hazlewod: Run boy run Calexico: Sundown, sundown St Thomas: The railroad Ryan Adams: Nuclear Ryan Adams: Tennessee sucks Evan Dando […]

13 Nov 2002

Johnny Cash: I’m so lonesome I could cry Neko Case: Timber (Virginian) NC: Porchlight (Furnace room lullaby) NC: Dreamin man (Canadian amp) NC: I missed the point (Black listed) NC: Blacklisted (Black Listed) Ralph Stanley: Henry Lee Dick Justice: Henry Lee John Hartford: Good old electric washing machine Rex Hobart: Golden ring (w. Kelly Hogan) […]

21 Aug 2002

Flat- and other landers Flatlanders: Down in the light of the melon moon Butch Hancock: Hidin in the hills Joe Ely: Run Preciosa Jimmy Dale Gilmore: Trying to get to you JD Gilmore: Blue Shadow Ad Vanderveen: Livin for today Terry Allen: There oughta be a law against sunny southern California John Prine: Lake Marie […]

16 okt 2002

Rolling Stones: Sweet Virginia Viktor Krummenacher: No sin to wandering Marc Almond: Man in black Al Cook: Taxman on my trail Waco Brothers: Poison Waco Brothers: The lie Kris Kristofferson: San Francisco Mabel Joy Danny Barnes: Love your neighbour Danny Barnes: Groundspeed Danny Barnes: Cellophane thing Jerry Garcia Band. San Antone Alejandro Escovedo: 13 years […]

02 Okt 2002

16 Horsepower: Praying arm lane Slobberbone: Dark as a dungeon Slobberbone: Sweetness that’s your cue Slobberbone: To love somebody Asylum Street Spankers: I am my own grandpa Royx Rodgers: Hi Yo silver Troy Hess: Please don’t go topless mother Johnny Cash: Wreck of the old 97 Country gentlemen: Travelling kind Son Volt: Windfall Frealwater: Little […]