22 Aug 2001

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Take Root Festival, Assen
Giant Sand: Satellite
Eric Taylor: Game is gone
Mississippi John Hurt: Worried Blues
Woody Guthrie: Do Re Mi
Norman Blake: Sweet Georgia Brown
Norman Blake: Take the A Train
Vassar Clements: White Room
Kelly Joe Phelps: Beggar’s Oil
Steve& Justin Earle: Candy Man
Shiners: I’m a good ol rebel (Thrillbillys soundtrack)
Secret Combination: How far is hello
Sparklehorse: It’s a wonderful life

08 Aug 2001

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Special: Buffalo Springfield
Neil Young: Bufalo Springfield Again
Billy Ray Harrin: Old Man Fenokee
Mark Merritt: You Can’t Stop If You Never Slow Down
Sephen Phelbs: Tongues Of Angels
Joker And The Thief: Hope
Mod-est Lads: They Stand Straight Up
Buffalo Springfield: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
BS: I’m your KInd Of Guy
BS: Out Of My Mind
BS: My Kind Of Love
BS: Kahuna Sunset
BS: A Child’s Claim To Fame
BS: Mr. Soul
BS: Uno Mundo
BS: Bluebird