26 Januar 2021

Anna Kashfi: Things get said (Procurement) Wand: Rio Grande (Laughing matter)David Olney & Anana Kaye: My favorite goodbeye / The last days of Rome (Whispers and Sighs) Kat Danser: One eye closed / Way I like it done (One eye open) Gerry Spehar: Laura Dean (Lady Liberty)Dead Boys: Hey little girl (Young, loud and snotty) […]

12 Januar 2021

Dave Mason: As sad and as deep as you (Alone together again) John Hartford: Frustrated bird ( Iron mountain depot) These Trails: El rey pescador / Our house in Hanalei (These trails) Bill Calahan & Bonnie Prince Billy: Rooftop Garden – featuring Giorgos Xylouris Lee Hazlewood: Poor man (Love an other crimes) Rick Shea: She […]