27 Juni 20213

Special: Static Roots Festival Ferris & Sylvester: Party‘s over (Superhuman)John Blek: Raven‘s cry (Until the rivers run dry)Cordovas: Standin on the porch (Santa Fe channel)Hello Darlins: Mountain time (Go by feel)Evangeline Gentle: Gay bar (single)Rowan: Youth and Youthhood (Does it make you happyWoolf: What‘s left of us (Woolf)Jim Bryson: Clear the crowds (Where the bungalow […]

13 Juni 2023

SPECIAL: YOU HEARD THEM BEFORE Mynah Birds: It’s My TimeNeil Young: PowderfingerRockets : Hole In My Pocket Danny Lee: Stop Calling Me BabyDan Penn: I‘m your puppet Arthur Lee & The L.A.G.’s: Rumble-still-skinsLove: Coloured balls falling Beefeaters: Please Let Me Love YouByrds: Wild Mountain Thyme Marty Balin: You Made Me FallJefferson Airplane: She has funny […]

30 Mai 2023

Michael Jerome Browne: Livin with the blues (Getting together)Brownie McGhee: Key to the highway (Back home blues)Marty Cooper: Mama was a cowgirl (I wrote a song)Jon Wilcox: Migrant song (Stages of my life)Ellis Paul: When Angels fall (55)Anna Elizabeth Laube: Buckets of Rain (Wild outside)Parker McCollum: Speed (Never enough)Maxine Funke: Willow White (River said)Dean Owens: […]

16 Mai 2023

Bruce Cockburn: King of the Bolero (O Sun O Moon)Jenna Reid: Happy Tom, my home (Laughing girl)Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower: Ash Wednesday slow (Even days dissolve)Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower: Even days dissolve (Even days dissolve)Drew Holcomb: Troubles (Strangers no more)James Combs: High Pine SteeplesRickie Lee Jones: On the sunny side if […]

02 Mai 2023

Reg Meuross: The Jesus of Lubeck (Stolen from God) Young Uns: Jack Merritt‘s Boots (Tiny Nores)  Afton Wolfe: Cry (Twenty three) Meredith Moon: That town (Constellations)  Unthank: Smith: Robert Kay (Nowhere and everywhere) Gurf Morlix: Heart (I challenge the beast)  Blaze Foley: Elections day (The Complete Outhouse Sessions_ Night Two) Robbie Fulks: Momma‘s eyes (Bluegrass […]