15 Aug 2007

Playlist: Elvis Perkins: All the night without love (Ash Wednesday) Luke Powers: Driving with my demon in the deep south (Picture book) Jim Armstrong: Gypsy (Mudtown) Lisa O’Kane: Pay for my sins (It don’t hurt) Gwendolyn: Bu cartoon (Lower mill road Hazmat Modine: Bahamut (Bahamut) Andy Roberts: Kid Jealousy (and the Great Stampede) Bob Lind: […]

29 Aug 2007

Bloodshot Special Playlist: Graham Parker: Stick to the plan (Don’t tell Columbus) John Doe: Darling underdog (Year in the wilderness) Graham Parker: Love or delusion (Don’t tell Columbus) Jon Rauhouse: Big Iron (Steel guitar heart attack) Deadstring Brothers: The light shines within ( Silver mountain) Detroit Cobras: Leave my kitten alone (Tied and true) Gore […]

01 Aug 2007

Playlist: Simone White: Great Imperial state ( I am the man) Simone White: The beep beep song ( I am the man) Simone White: Mary Jane ( I am the man) Mekons: Cockermouth (Natural) Leaving TX: One more seven (Anywhere on good roads) Holly Figueroa: Misunderstood (Gifts and burdens) Ollabelle: See line woman (Riverside battle […]