20 Juni 2007

Playlist: Alpha Band: You angel you (Interviews, or.: The Alpha Band) Shockabilly: Oh Yoko ( Earth vs. Shockabilly) The Band of Blacky Ranchette: Loving cup ( Sage advice) Love: Singing Cowboy (Four sail) Jason Ringenberg: The last of the neon cowboys (A pocketful of soul) Bucky Halker: Without saying goodbye (Wisconsin 2.13.1963 Vol. 1) Joe […]

06 Juni 2007

Playlist: Rachelle van Zanten: The cracks (Back to Francois) Michael J. Sheehy: Crawling back to the church (Ghost on the motorway) Andrew Bird: A nervous tic motion of the head top the left (Fingerling 3) Andy Palacio: Baba (Watina) David Munyon: Snowin on Raton (There‚Äôs a hole in heaven where some sin slips through) Two […]