28 Feb 2007

Playlist: Elf Power: Come lie down with me (Back to the web) Elf Power: Under the northern sky (Back to the web) Patty Griffin: Making Pies (1000 kisses) Patty Griffin: Useless desires (Impossible dreams) Patty Griffin: Getting ready (Children running through) Patty Griffin: Railroad wings (Children running through) Tom Verlaine: The Earth Is In The […]

14 Feb 2007

Playlist: Shins: Turn on me (Wincing the night away) Memory Band: The light (Apron strings) Heron: Only a hobo (Upon reflection, The dawn anthology) Memory Band: Come write me down (Apron strings) Lucero: The mountain (Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers) The Who: The Kids are alright (My Generation) Gob Iron: Silicosis Blues (Death songs for […]