21 Okt 2008

Playlist: Twilight Hotel: Highway Prayer (Highway Prayer) Ashleigh Flynn: The 7th sea (American Dream) Gentle Gust: Love long dead (We Are Bound To Save Some Souls Tonight ) Stairwell Sisters: David & Goliath (Get off your money) Stairwell Sisters: Selina/Nancy Blevins (Get off your money) Jessica Lea Mayfield: The one that I love best (With […]

07 Okt 2008

Playlist: Charlie Haden: A voice from on high (Charlie Haden and friends) Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra: Song of the United Front / We shall overcome Grantura: Sunshine (In dreams and other stories) Harper’s Bizarre: Chatanooga Choo Choo (Best of) Sally Spring: Take me to the water (Mockingbird) Marybeth D’Amico: Ohio (Heaven, hell, sin &redemption) American […]