29 Juni 2010

Playlist: Howe Gelb: The Ballad of Lole y Manuel (Alegrias) John Prine: Bear Creek Blues (In person and on stage) Avett Brothers: Spanish Pipedream (Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows – Songs of John Prine) Lucinda Williams: Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Twistable, Turnable Man – A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein) Shel Silverstein: […]

15 Juni 2010

Playlist: Loudon Wainwright III: The panic is on (Songs for the new depression) Murder By Death: On the dark streets below (Good morning magpie) Cut in the hill gang: Fever in my blood Black Keys: Howlin for you (Brothers) Lee Dorsey: Everything I do is gonna be funky Charlie Poole: If the river was whiskey […]

01 Juni 2010

Playlist: Otis Taylor: Hands On Your Stomach (Clovis People Vol. 3) Holly Golightly: When he comes (Medicine County) John Prine: Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore (In Person and on stage) Jim Lauderdale: Alligator Alley (Pathwork River) Dirtmusic: All tomorrow’s parties (BKO) Tamikrest: Amidinin (Adagh) Dirtmusic: Niger sundown (BKO) Johnny Dowd: Hello […]