31 Mai 2011

Playlist: Blue Mountain: Jimmy Carter Hurray for the Riff Raff: Daniella Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Columbus Stockade Blues (Heirloom Music) Tonbruket: Lilio (Dig i to the end) Moriarty: I will do (The missing room) Moriarty:  The dark line in the middle of hope (The missing room) Old Calf: Do not play with gypsies (Borrow a horse) […]

17 Mai 2011

Playlist: DYLAN-Special Bob Dylan: On the road again (Bringing it all back home) Giant Sand: Every grain of sand (Rolling Stone sampler) Bonnie Prince Billy: Going to Acapulco (Single B-side) Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (Highway 61 revisited) Beatles: Nowhere Man (Rubber Soul) PJ Harvey: Hughway 61 revisited (Rid of me) Scott Walker: I threw […]

03 May 2011

Playlist: Attwenger: Kantri (Flux) Frentre Cumbiero: Gaita Del Profesor Loco (meets the mad professor) Hazmat Modine: Two Forty seven (Cicada) Steve Earle. Gulf of Mexico (I’ll never get out of this world alive) Alison Krauss: Miles to go  (Paper airplane) Holly Golightly: Get out of my house (No help coming) Ian McFeron: Come see me  […]