14 April 2015

Special Wayfaring Stranger pt.8: Dulcimer Playlist: Fairport Convention: Genesis Hall (Unhalbricking) Joni Mitchell: California Richard & Mimi Farina: Reflections in a crystal wind (Reflections ina crystal wind) Rolling Stones: Lady Jane (Aftermath) Rolling Stones: I am waiting (Aftermath) Jean Ritchie: Sweet William and Lady ;Margaret Alison Krauss: Molly Ban (A hunbdred miles) Cactus brothers: Fisher’s […]

31 März 2015

Playlist: Gibson Brothers: How mountain girls can love (Botherrhood) Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans: I’ve had it (Vanity session) French Cowboy: Supermarket (Baby Face Nelson was a french cowboy) French Cowboy: Stranger( Baby Face Nelson was a french cowboy) Gibson Bros.: Bo Diddley pulled a boner (Big Pine Boogie) Special Wayfaring Stranger pt. 7: Westwärts […]

17 März 2015

Playlist: Caitlin Canty: Get up (Reckless skyline) Bob Dylan: Why try to change me now (shadows in the night) Steve Earle: The usual tim (Terraplane) Alice DiMicele: When Jane rides scout (Swim) Alice DiMicele: Ripple Dorthia Cottrell: Oak grove Caitlin Canty: Unknown legend (Reckless skyline) Napoleon Strickland: Crying won’t make me stay (Delta Blues- Blue […]