01 September 2015

Playlist: Yo La Tengo: I’m so lonesome I could cry (Stuff like that there) Steve Goodman: City of New Orleans (Dylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats) Daniel Romano: Two word Joe (I’ve only one time askin) Dana Immanuel: Mile high¬† (Dotted Line) Danni Nichols:¬† Leaving Tennessee (Mockingbird Lane) Dana Immanuel: Mile high (Dotted Line) Basia […]

18 August 2015

Playlist: Destroyer: Times Square (Poison Street) Road: Going down to the country (Road) Grahams: Griggstown (Glory bound) Run Boy Run: Spin a golden thread (Something to someone) Lindi Ortega: I ain’t the girl (Faded Gloryville) Episode Six: Morning Dew (Love hate revenge) Bonnie Prince Billy: I’m tired of singing my song in Las Vegas (Tip […]