27. Juli 2021

Nefesh Mountain: Wunderlust (Songs for the sparrows) Dana Sipos: Light around the body (The astral plane) JP Harris: Otto Wood (Don’t you marry no railroad man) Shocking Blue: Never marry a railroad man Nefesh Mountain: Piece of the sun (The astral plane) Lucky Ones: Fool‘s gold (Lucky Ones) I see hawks in LA:  Mississippi Gas Sation […]

13. Juli 2021

John Townley: The old sailor (Old sailor) John Townley: To Anacreon in heaven (The top hits of 1776) Magicians: An invitation to cry (An invitation to cry – The best of the Magicians) Ocean: That‘s the way it is (st) Family Of Apostolic: Dholak Gheet / The lone pilgrimm / Did you like the party […]