30 August 2016

Special Jim Rooney Playlist: Bill Keith: No expectations (Something auld Woodstock Mountains Revue: Killing the Blues (More music from mud acres) Happy & Artie Traum: Jacksboro (Double back) Eric von Schmidt: Joshua gone Barbados (Living on the trail) Peter Rowan: Pretty little Blanco River waltz (Bluegrass boy) Borderline: Sleepy rider (The second album) Bobby Charles: All […]

19 August 2016

Special: Take Root, Groningen Playlist: Admiral Freebee: Getting ready for love  (Wake up and dream) Carter Sampson: Medine river  (Wilder side) Daniel Romano: Hunger is a dream you die in (Mosey) Doug Seegers: She’s in a rock n roll band (Going down the river) Drew Holcomb: Sisters brothers (Medicine) Gil Landry: Mexico (The ballad of Lawless […]

02 August 2016

Playlist: Henry McCullough: Eire Apparent: Yes I need someone (st) Grease Band: Mistake no doubt (st) Spooky Tooth: Nobody there but all (The last Puff) Henry McCullough: Oil in my lamp (Mind your own business) Roy Harper: One of those days in England (Bullinaminghvase) Plainsong: Penny Black (New place now) Iain Matthews, Ad Vanderveen & […]

19 Juli 2016

Playlist: Bopxcar Bandits: The Lawsome Family Murder (Ballads to Deep Gab – Doc Watson tribute) Lowest Pair: When they dance the mountains shake (Fern girl and ice man) Sarah Jarosz: Everything to hide (Undercurrent) Case-Lang-Veirs: Song for Judee (st) John Purdy: Krtistine (Who will be next) Vogts Sisters: Alexander (Homeward) Urban Turban: Folsom Prison Blues […]