24 Mai 2006

SPECIAL: FATHERS Cary Swinney: Fatherless child (Big shots) Kate Wolf: I never knew my father (Lines on the paper) Creekdippers: My father knows foes (Political manifest) Joe Ely: Grandfather Blues Live at Liberty Lunch) John Prine: Unwed Fathers (Great Days: The JP Antholgy Robbie Fulks: Brenda‚Äôs new steppfather (Couples in trouble) Palace Brothers: I had […]

10 Mai 2006

Be Good Tanyas: Reuben (Chinatown) Johnny Dowd: Johnny B. Goode (Cruel Words) Sean Watkins: No lighted windows (Blinders on) Steve Earle: Down the road (Guitar Town) Mekons: King Arthur (Edge of the world) Jayhawks: Let the last night be the longest (Bunkhouse) Calexico: Deep down (Garden ruin) Amparanoia: Nada (La vida te da) Lou Rhodes: […]