25 August 2009

Playlist: Ry Cooder: Across the borderline (Get rhythm) Rolling Stones: Wild Horses (Sticky Fingers) Aretha Franklin: Honest I do (Spirit in the Dark (1970) Jim Dickinson: Diexie Freid (Dixie Fried) Big Star: Femme Fatale (Third) Alex chilton: No more the moo shine on Lorena (Like flies on Sherbert) North Missisippi Allstars: KC Jones (on the […]

11 August 2009

Playlist: Kieran Kane: Anybody’s game (Somewhere Beyond The Roses) Bap Kennedy: Hey Joe (Howl on) Rick Shea: No good time for leavin (Shelter Valley Blues) Sam Baker: Who’s gonna be your man (Cotton) Leadbelly: House of the rising sun Bap Kennedy: Cold War Country Blues (Howl on) Jordie Lane: Zeitgeber / Publican’s daughter (Sleeping patterns) […]