21 März 2023

Lynn Miles: Palomino (TumbleWeedyWorld)   Lynn Miles: Sorry‘s just not good enough (TumbleWeedyWorld) Chuck Melchin: I am James (The bluest sky) Bria: By the time I get to Phoenix (Cuntry Covers Vol. 2)  Rock Ridge: Sleeping cold (The flood)   Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: Woman of the house (Canvas)  Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: So you […]

07 März 2023

Beasts of Bourbon: Psycho /Ten Wheels for Jesus (The axemen‘s jazz)Tex, Don & Charlie: Still the same (Sad but true)Cruel Sea: Slow down (Where there’s smoke)The Ape:Crawl back (The ape)Cruel Sea: Save me (Three legged dog)Tex Perkins and the Band of Gold: Silver Wings / Pardon me I‘ve got someone to kill Tex, Don and Charlie: […]

21 Februar 2023

Irene Kelley: Six feet down (Snow white memories)Joe Henry: Karen Dalton (All the eye can see) Karen Dalton: Same old man (In my own time) One Adam One: Living between the linesNadine: Ready to go (Downtown, Saturday)Tapestri: Save your love (Tell me world)  Chris Coole: I may not be much but I‘m all that I think about (The […]

07 Februar 2023

Tom Ovans: Jesus wears a sixgun (The cure)Bombadils: Records and Rent   (Dear friend) Charlie Sutton: Heroine of the Plains (Phantom Drifter) Maglory Dengluch: Curragh of Kildare (st) Angela Perley: Star Dreamer (Turn me loose) Steve Dawson: Small Town talk  (Eyes closed, dreaming)Bobby Charles: Full moon on the bayou Steve Dawson: House carpenter Bob Dylan: House Carpenter (Bootleg Series 1-3)Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol.17: FragmentsBob […]

24 Januar 2023

Plainsong: Amelia Earhart‘s last flight (Norderstedt, 4.09.2012)Paul siebel: LouisePlainsong: Louise (Folk Fairport, 25.04.1972)Jim and Jesse: Diesel on my trailPlainsong: Diesel on my trail (LP)Plainsong: Call the tuneSteve Miller: Quicksilver girlCat Stevens: How can i tell youPlainsong: Side roadsRick cunha: Yo Yo man imPlainsong: Yo Yo Man (Utrecht, Radio M, 1997)Judy Henske and Jerry Yester: Raider […]

10 Januar 2023

Big Thief: Spud Infinity (Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You)Lovin Spoonful: Rain on the roofRalph Hart: Ain‘t no grave gonna hold my body down (Hillbillies in hell Vol. 3)B.B. Stevenson: Shambala (My Maria) texas country rock my maria pop hitShovel Dance Company: II; Camera flash on the Deptford foreshore, The Rolling Waves, crashing […]

27 Dezember 2022

Walking my Cat named dog:Norma Tanega (Walking my cat named dog)Les Surf: Mon Chat Qui S’appelle MédorBarry McGuire (The world‘s last private citizen)Art BlakeyDida Pelled (Ryley Walker presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 9) Norma Tanego: You‘re dead (Walking my cat named dog)Norma Tanega: Clapham Junction (I don’t think it will hurt when you smile)Dusty Springfield: Come […]

13 Dezember 2022

Deep in the woods:Christine Harwood: Crying to be heardDeviants: BunMiller Anderson: Shadows cross my wall Ben Bedford: Leaping (Valley of stars)Great Willow: My Mystery (single)Lou Turner: Green and growing (Microcosmos)Hushman: Beltane (st)Grey DeLisle: All my tears (Borrowed)Mike Donald: Land of the Old and Grey (Before the day is done – The story of Folk Heritage […]

29 November 2022

Lula Wiles: One more night (st)Lula Wiles: Morphine (What will we do)Lula Wiles: Good old American Values (What will we do)Eleanor Buckland: Static (You don‘t have to know)Mali Obomsawin: Wawasint8da (Sweet Tooth)Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady pt. 2 (Bush Lady)Alanis Obomsawin: Nziealdam Bush Lady)Isa Burke & Aoife O’Donovan:Lula Wiles: Oh my god (Shame and sedition) Eliza […]

15. November 2022

Plainsong: Raider (Following Amelia) Old Californio:  Lotta Love (Old Californio Country)  Honey Harper: Lake song (& the infinitive sky)  Charles O‘Hagerty: Suez War Song (The more I travel) Charles O‘Hagerty: Marika‘ s Lullaby (The more I travel) Williams Brothers: Death of a clown (Memories to burn) Williams Brothers:Tears only run oneway  (Memories to burn)   JSD Band: Cousin […]

01 November 2022

Joshua Hedley: Found in a bar (Neon blue)S.G. Goodman: The heart of it (Teeth marks)Anais Mitchell: Now you know (Anais Mitchell)Aoife O‘Donovan: Prodigal daughter (Age of apathy)Riley Downing: Hey! Mister (Start it over)Courtney Barnett: Before you gotta go (Things take time, take time)Hanging Stars: Rainbows in windows (Hollow heart)Cowboy Junkies: Ornette Coleman (Ghosts)Gregory Alan Isakov: […]

18 Oktober 2022

Siobhan Miller: Go, Move, Shift (Bloom)Siobhan Miller: Wild Mountain Thyme (Bloom)Markus Rill: Flesh & Blood & Bone (Everything we wanted)Fara: Fair winds (Energy Islands)Sadies: Ginger moon (Coldrer streams)Sadies: End credits (Colder streeams)KB Bailey: Driftwood Avenue (Flatlands)Yo La Tengo: Pablo adn Andrea (Prisoner of love)Miraculous Mule: John the Revelator (Old bones, new fire)Ashley Hutchings: Lay down […]

04 Oktober 2022

Mary Gauthier: Thanksgiving ( Between Daylight and Darkness)Drive-By Truckers: Thanksgiving filter (Go-go Boots)Rachel Baiman: Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)Jess Klein: New Thanksgiving Feast (back to my green)Chris Thile: Elephant in the room (Thanks for listening)Mary Chapin Carpenter: Thanksgiving song (Come darkness, comne light)Ray Davies: Thanksgiving Day (Sane)William Burroughs: Thanksgiving prayer (with NBC Symphony Orchestra) (Dead City Radio)Bob Dylan: […]

20 September 2022

KELLY JOE PHELPSKelly Joe Phelps: The black crow keeps flying (Lead me on) Kelly Joe Phelps: Beggar‘s oil (Shy like a broken clock)Townes van Zandt: Banks of the Ohio (Highway Kind) Kelly Joe Phelps: Scapegoat (Tunesmith retrofit)Greg Brown: Billy from the hills (Slan 6 Mind)Kelly Joe Phelps: Sovereign Wyoming (Western bell)Jay Farrar: Drain (Sebastopol) Riley […]

06 September 2022

B.J. Cole: You‘re probably lost (New hovering dog)B.J. Cole: 2:57 (1982 + Bj Cole)Cochise: Watch this spaceCochise: Down country girls (Swallow tales)Cochise: Dance, dance, dance (So far)Elton John: Tiny DancerHumble Pie: Only a roach (st)Robert Plant: If it‘s really got to be this way (Sixty Six to Timbuktu)Dave Edmunds: Dance dance dance (Rockpile)Hank Wangford: Whiskey […]

23 August 2022

Peter Mulvey: Pray for rain (Live is the only thing)Fantastic Cat: Amigo (The very best of …)Fantastic Cat: C‘mon Armageddon (The very best)Fritillaries: Together in flight (st) Pedal Steel PartLuke Schneider: Yosemite (VA – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI)Roger Kleier: Orion on the Horizon (Secular Steel)Steve Dawson: The waters rise (Phantom Threshold)Steve Dawson: […]

09. August 2022

Canny Band: Helen‘s song (st) Caamp: Lavender girl (Lavender days) Tim Heidecker: Punch in the gut (High school) Haroula Rose: Happenstance (Catch the light)     Tamsin Elliott: Uma‘s song (Frey) Jadea Kelly: Picking flowers (Roses) Giulia Millanta: Go South (Woman on the moon) Bella Hardy: Awake awake (Love songs) Joshua Hedley: Bury with my boots on […]

26 Juli 2022

SPECIAL: JOHN COHEN Look for the ROOTS SPECIAL about John Cohen Grateful Dead: Uncle John‘s BandNew Lost City Ramblers: How can a poor man stand such times and live (Songs from the depression)Kingston Trio: Tom Dooley (Best of)Roscoe Holcomb: Hills of Mexico (The high and lonesome sound)Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard: TB Blues (There is […]

12 Juli 2022

Mean Mary: Bette, come back (Portrait of a woman)Steve Earle: Little Bird (Jerry Jeff)Patty Griffin: Don‘t mind (Tape)Fantastic Negrito: Nibbadip (White Jesus Black Problems)American Aquarium: The hardet thing (Chicamacomico)Mapache: The garden (Roscoe‘s dream)Mapache: Tend your garden (Roscoe‘s dream)Wave Pictures: French Cricket ( When the Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings)Hannah White: Bluest eyes (About time)Katie Spencer: […]

28. Juni 2022

Special: Static Roots Festival Freitag: Sarah Jane Scouten: Ballad of a Southern Midwife (Confessions) Zachary Lucky: Leavin Cheyenne (Songs for hard times) Dean Owens: Give my love to Rose (Cash back songs I learned from Johnny)) Dean Owens: La Lomita (Sinner‘s Shrine) calexico, schotte Gabi Garbutt: Angel of Third Avenue (Cockerel)   Samstag: Native Harrow: […]