11. Juni 2024

25 Jahre Roots, Teil. 2 2012 Dance Hall Pimps: Take a walk on the wild side (Beast for love)2013 Samba Toure: Aye Sira Bia p(Albala)2014 Jon Langford: Drone Operator (Here be monsters)2015 Eastern: The territory (The territory)2016 Walter Salas-Humara: Don’t tear me down (Explodes and disappears)2017 Bert Jansch: She moved through the fair (Living in […]

28 Mai 2024

Adeem The Artist: Wounded astronaut (Anniversary) Chris Smither: Digging the hole (All about the bones) Gerry Spehar: Dale Watson: Joanna (Other voices) Gerry Spehar & Lisa McKenzie: Normandy (Other voices) Lemon Twigs: Peppermint Roses (A dream is all we know) Keegan McInroe: John‘s songs (Dusty passports and empty beds) Fugitives: Ash (No help coming) Mark […]

15 Mai 2024, 25 years of ROOTS

1999 Texas Rubies: Texas Jalapenos 2000 Olu Dara: Kiane 2001 Rex Allen: A cowboys story 2002 Meat Purveyors: Hanged man 2003 Setters: She‘s got 2004 Pine Valley Cosmonauts: I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart (Barn Dance Favorites) 2005  Kate & Ann Mc Garrigle: Foolish you 2006  Palace Brothers: I had a good mother and […]

30. April 2024

Alejandro Escovedo: Castanuelas (Echo dancing)Adrianne Lenker: Alreay lost (Bright future)Tim Grimm: Broken Truth (single)Grey DeLisle: The ballad of Ella Mae (Driftless girl)John Smith: Milestones (The living kind)Pete Townshend: The kids are alright (Genuine Scoop)Duffy Power: Leavin Blues (Vampers and Champers)Duffy Power: Fixing a hole (Vampers and Champers)Sierra Ferrell: Dollar bill bar ( Trail of flowers)Sunny […]

16. April 2024

Jim White: If Jesus drove a motorhome (Drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see) Pretty Things: London town (EP) Bart Moore: Comanche land (Wild Flora) Ruth Moody: Twilight (Wanderer) Wailin Jennys: Wildflowers (Fifteen) Leyla McCalla: Give yourself a break (Sun without the heat) Leyla McCalla: Take me away (Sun without […]

02. April 2024

Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley: Undear Sphere (Cuckoo Storm)Charlie Parr: Boombox (Little Sun)Hedge & Donna: I want you to want me (aka Love)The Northern Belle: Merchant navy Hotel (Bats in the attic)Josh Fortenbery: Nepotism (No such thing as forever)Dion: American hero (Girl friends)Dion: Ruby Baby (The road I‘m on)Jon Langford: For the queen of hearts […]

19. März 2024

Special: New Black Roots Music Aida Victoria: Whole world knows (A southern gothic)Amythyst Kiah: Fanc Drones (Fracture me)Birds of Chicago: Lodestar (Love in wartime)Crys Matthews: Time machine (Changemakers)Jake Blount: Once there was no sun (The new faith)Joy Oladokun: The hard way (aproof of life)Kaia Kater: Heavenly track (Grenades)Miko Marks: Trouble (Feel like going home)Our Native […]

05. März 2024

Hurray for the Riff Raff: Hawkmoon (The past is still alive) Corb Lund: Insh‘Allah (El Viejo)  Phoebe Rees: Take back the night (BRING IN THE LIGHT)  Heather Little: Bones (By now)  Giulia Millanta: I dance my way (Only Luna knows) Larry Murray: When I see Jamie (Sweet country suite)  High Hawks: Somewhere south (Mother nature‘s […]

20. Februar 2024

Willi Carlisle: Dry country dust (Critterland)  Sarah Jarosz: Runaway Train (Polaroid lovers)lle William Elliott Whitmore: Bunker built for two (Silently, the mind breaks) Niall McCabe: November Swell (Rituals)  John Leventhal:That‘s all I know about Arkansas (Rumble strip)  Project Smok: Folex (The outset) Colby T. Helms: Mountain Brandy (Tales of Misfortune) Holler Choir: Ain‘t too soon […]

06. Februar 2024

SPECIAL: WILDDIEBSTAHL / POACHING Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: The Poacher (Skin and bone) Watersons: The Poacher‘s Fate (A Yorkshire Garland) Albion Country Band: Gallant Poacher (Battle of the field) Robin Williamson: Poachers Song Critics Group: Keepers and poachers (Waterloo, Peterloo) Fairport Convention: Eynsham poacher (Bonny bunch of roses)  Young Tradition: Henry the poacher Ronnie […]

23. Januar 2024

You are Wolf: Twa Magicians (hare hunter moth goth)You Re Wolf: Hare song 1Martyn Joseph: Alberts Place (This is what I want to say)Martyn Joseph: The ballad of William Worthy (Days of decision: A tribute to Phil Ochs)Charles Wesley Godwin: All again (Family ties)Alice Di Micele: Over my head (Interpretations Volume 1)Vanessa Peters: Out to […]

09. Januar 2024

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones: Yorkshire wassailing song (Wesselbobs) Muireann Bradley: Shake Sugaree ( I Kept These Old Blues) James Elkington: Burial at sea ( Me Neither) Malcolm MacWatt:  The Nightjar’s Fall From Grace (Dark Harvest)Grey DeLisle: I like the way you think I think (She‘s an angel) Session Americana: Helena(The rattle and the clatter) Nick Hart & Tom Moore: Raggle […]

26 Dezember 2023

Special: Winter Dentists: Strawberriers are growing in my garden – and it‘s wintertime  Lady Maisery and Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith:Winter berries (Awake arise)  Vashti Bunyan: Winter is blue (unreleased acetate) Episode Six: A hazy shade of winter (Radio One Club Sessions) Ian Campbell Folk Group: Snow is falling (Complete transatlantic recordings)  John Fahey: In […]

12 Dezember 2023

Jim Ghedi: What will become of Old England (Mojo Presents; Ramblers & Gamblers (15 Key Voices for 2023) John Francis Flynn: Dirty old town Lankum: Sergeant William Bailey (Between earth and sky)  Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden: Remember oh thou man (Glad Christmas come)  Pawn Shop Saints: Generation lockdown (Weeds)  Pawn Shop Saints: Love dry […]

28 November 2023

Ed Snodderly: Better just ride the mule (single)Dean Owens: Staring at the lid (Pictures)Johnny Dowd: Ice pick (Is heaven real?)Mean Mary : I saw three ships (I‘d rather be merry)Leyla Mccalla: Dodinin(Breaking the thermometer)Lisa O‘Neil: Blackbird (Heard a long gone song)Afton Wolfe: Mississippi (The harvest)Catherine Irwin: Pale horse, pale rider (Little heater)Billy Bragg: This guitar […]

14. November 2023

Jon Langford: Sad milkman (Gubbins)  Waco Brothers: Baba O‘Reily (Doomed to repeat) Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz: Suffolk Miracle (Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs Of Mary Sands And Jane Gentry) Rod Picott: Television Preacher (Starlight tour)  Wayne Brererton: When first unto this country (The robin‘s call)         Luluc: As tears go by (Diamonds)  Emisunshine & […]

31. Oktober 2023

Special Halloween Sierra Ferrell: The seaSecret Sisters: Water Witch and Brandi CarlileLorne Greene: Ghost riders in the skyHank Williams: Howlin at the moonBuck Owens: It‘s a monsters holidayCivil Wars: Barton HollowCharlie Daniels: The legend of Wooley SwampBobbie Bare: Marie LaveauAdia Victoria: Magnolia BluesAlison Krauss: Ghost in this houseCorb Lund: Dig grave diggerPretty Things: Ain‘t no […]

03. Oktober 2023

Hank Williams Special Hank Williams: Never again (The complete)  Hank Williams: Your cheatin heart (The complete) Bob Dylan: The love that faded (The lost notebooks of HW) Yo La Tengo: I‘m so lonesome I could cry (Stuff like that there) Hank Williams: Too many parties and too many pals (Luke the Drifter) Johnny Cash: I […]

19. September 2023

Ben de la Cour: Birdcage (Sweet Anhedonia)Robert Rex Waller: Amanda Ruth (See the big man cry)Old Crow Medicine Show: Belle Meade Cockfight (Jubilee)Ben de la Cour: Sweet Anhedonia (Sweet Anhedonia)Happy Trails Prospector: (The Good, The Bad, & The Dreadful)Turnpike Troubadours: The rut (A cat in the rain)Siskin Green: There is a line of women (st)Mapache: […]