23 Sept 2008

Playlist: Sonics: Jenny Jenny (The Boom) Sierra Hull: Smashville (Secrets) Donna Hughes: Scattered to the Wind (Gaining wisdom) Whiskey Folk Ramblers: Remington .45 Blues (Midnight Drifter) Whiskey Folk Ramblers: Going where I don’t know (Midnight Drifter) Austin Collins: Witching hour (Roses are black) Rancho Deluxe: Valley of the bears (Tree Freedom) A night in the […]

09 Sept 2008

Playlist: Woven Hand: Not one stone (Ten stones) Chris Knight: Maria (Heart of Stone) Chuckanut Drive: Anyway I can (The crooked mile home) Bob Cheevers:Pictures of strangers (Fiona’s world) Natacha Atlas: La Shou El Haki (Ana Hina) Andy Dale Petty: The ghost of the goatman (All god’s children have shoes) Emiliana Torrini: Big Jumps (Me […]