29 Okt 2003

Danny Barnes:Life in the country DB: Face to face DB: Kitchen floor waltz Willie Nelson: Red headed stranger Carla Bozulich: I couldn’t believe it was you CB: Denver/O’er the waves CB: Can I sleep in your arms Gilian Welch: I had a good father and mother Palace brothers: I had a good father and mother […]

15 Okt 2003

Assen: Take-Root-Festival, Review: Kelly Pardekooper: House of mud Teddy Morgan: Strobe lights Mia Todd: Digital Resentments: Way down in the hole Resentments: My heart breaks Vic Chesnutt: 2nd floor Grey deLisle: Home wrecker Handsome Family: Gail with the golden hair My Morning Jacket: Golden Jason Walker: Dissatisfaction Jason Walker: Dead leaves Terry Allen: Ain’t no […]

01 Okt 2003

Assen: Take-Root–Festival, Preview: Grey DeLisle: ‘Twas her hunger The Walkabouts: Rebecca Wild Vic Chesnutt: Zippy Morocco Kelly Pardekooper: Kin David Olney:Theresa Maria Jon Dee Graham: Airplane Resentments: Johnny Be Goode New: Forresters: The way you do My Morning Jacket: Bermuda Highway My Morning Jacket: Just because I do Forresters: What you want In memory: Skip […]