28 März 2007

Playlist: Son Volt: Highways and cigarettes (The search) Gob Iron: Nicotine Blues Siouxsie and the Banshees: Nicotaine stain Waco Brothers: to the last dead cowboy When people were shorter: Broomstick cowboy Bobby Goldsboro: Broomstick Cowboy Jack Logan: Brothers Grimm and the cowboy band Sons of the pioneers: Coyote serenade (Symphonies for the sage, Bloodshot Revival) […]

14 März 2007

Thema: Harry Smith: Anthology of American Folk Music, genauer gesagt: Harry Smith Project Revisited (*) Playlist: Apples in Stereo: Can you feel it (New magnetic wonder) Apples in Stereo: Mellotron 2 (New magnetic wonder) A Hack and a Hacksaw: (The way the wind blows) Kelli Hicks: Buck again (Bucked) Harry Smith: David Johansen: Old dog […]