27 November 2012

Playlist: Kid Kopphausen: M√∂derballade Dan Penn: Every Time (Fame Recordings) Ray Stinnett: Wheel of time (A Fire Somewhere (2012 Reissue) Martha Redbone Roots Project: A dream (The Garden of Love – Songs of William Blake) Will Hoge: Times are not changing (Modern American Protest Music EP ) Catherine Irwin: Pale horse / Pale rider (Little […]

13 November 2012

Playlist: Old ’97s: Melt show (Too old to care) Peter Buck: Some kind of velvet morning (Peter Buck) Okee Dokee Brothers: Haul away Joe (Can you canoe) Okee Dokee Brothers: Memphs town (Can you canoe) Andre Williams: Heels (Life) Eric Bibb & Habib Koite: Send us brighter days (On my way to Bamako) The Young’Uns: […]