30 Juni 2009

Playlist: Wilco: you and I (Wilco – the album) Catherine McLellan: Set this heart on fire(Water in the ground) Nanci Griffith: Across Amwerica (The loving kind) Romi Mayes: The man who loves to hate (Achin in yer bones) Simnone White: Freight train (Yakimo) Eilen Jewell: One of these days (Sea of tears) Levon Helm: Golden […]

16 Juni 2009

Playlist: Todd Snider: Doll Face (The Excitement Plan) Elvis Costello: My Alltime Doll (Secret, Profane And Sugarcane) T99: Let That Eagle Fly (Coo Coo) Hetten Des: Thirteen (Cowboys Con Conjones) Otis Taylor: Lost My Guitar (Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs) Simone White: Candy Bar Killer (Yakkimo) Sarah Siskind: Worth Fighting For (Say It Louder) Gabbi […]

02 Juni 2009

Playlist: Dave Alvin: Que sera sera (Guilty women) Dave Alvin: Downey girl (Guilty women) Sara Watkins: Jefferson (Sara Watkins) David Vidal: Coast highway (American blues) Lorette Velvette: Kokomo Blues (Dream Hotel) Greencards: Chico calling (Fascination) Leaving TX: Last fool at the bar (Late geting started) Mo Robson Band: Jim Beam Whiskey (Live at Adair’s) Scott […]