18 Feb 2004

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Ryan Adams: Wish you were here
RA: Afraid not scared,
Johnny Cash. Where the soul of man never dies
JC: Pocahontas
JC: Devil’s right hand
JC: Redemption song
Erdmöbel: In den Schuhen von Audrey Hepburn,
Erdmöbel: Dreierbahn
Drive By Truckers: My sweet Annette,
DBT: Careless
Fugs: Septuagenarian in Love
Fugs: Miriam
Fugs: Ultimate things
Iain Matthews.
Frank Blevins & his Tar Heel rattlers: Sally Ann

Roots Live: Jancee Pornick Casino, MTc Köln, January 16 2004

04 Feb 2004

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Amarillo Highway (Lubbock on everything)
Randy Thompson: The lovin shown (That’s not me)
Trip Rogers: Spank the plank (Mainline)
Cantina Carlotta (Juarez)
Oui (Lubbock on everything)
Gimme a ride to heaven boy (Bloodlines)
Wayne Hancock: Back to black (Chippy)
Amerasia, Swanlake, Display woman-Displaced man (Amerasia)
I love Germany (Silent majority – greatest missed hits)
What of Alicia (Human remains)
Crisis Site 13 (Hr)
Red leg boy (Salivation)