03 September 2013

Playlist: Bob Dylan: I want you (Blonde on Blonde) Special: Delia Bob Dylan: Delia (World’s gone wrong) Cordelia’s Dad: Delia (How can I sleep) David Johansen: Delia (& the Harry Smiths) Elisabeth Cotten: Delia (Shake Sugaree) instrumental Overlanders: Delia’s gone (PYE Anthology) Johnny CASH: Delia’s done (The sound of Johnny Cash / American recordings) Blind […]

20 August 2013

Playlist: Amber Digby: If it ain’t love  (The world you’re living in) Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: All the time in the world (Hey Hey It’s… ) Moondoggies: Start me over j(Adios I’m a Ghost) Sarah Siskind: Knowing only what I know (Covered) Ribeye Brothers:  Don’t pass me by (If I had a horse) […]

06 August 2013

Playlist: Special: Sampler John Cephas: Dog days of august (Classic harmonica blues from Smithsonian Folkways) The Fathoms: Blandingo (Instrumental Fire) Enchanters: Native love (Jungle Jive) James Boys: Ah Ha crazy (Lost treasures) Ink Spots: That cat is high (Drink up – lighht up) Glenn Lee: Joyful Sounds -(Sacred Steel – Traditional Sacred African-American Steel Guitar […]