26 Mai 2015

Playlist: Antique Persuasion: When silver threads are gold (Don’t forget me little darling) Dwight Yoakam: Man of constant sorrow (Second hand heart) Cliff Crofford: There ain’t nothin happenin to me (‘The other side of Bakersfield) Rylie Walker: Love can be cruel (Primrose Green) Eastern: Northwind (Hope and Wire) Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell: Higher Mouintains […]

12 Mai 2015

Playlist: Eastern: The territory (The territory) Easern: Talking americana cowboy yeeha blues (The territory) Heinz Schachtner: Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit (Single) Merle Travis: Reinlistment Blues (Live in Boston) John Renbourn: The time has come (Bert & John) Danny Schmidt: Cries of shadows (Owls) Casey Weston: Little bit of everything (Young heart) Joni Mitchell: Black crow […]