22 Januar 2013

Playlist: Dirtmusic: Desertwind (BKO-Bamako) Willy Tea Taylor: John Hartford Song (Born and raised) Sam Cooper: Siren (Long lost love) Dropkick Murphys: Jimmy Collins’ Wake (Signed and sealed in blood) Earth Opera: The red sox are winning Cairo Gang: Everybody knows (The corner man) Cairo Gang: Now you are one of us (The corner man) Janis […]

08 Januar 2013

Playlist: Frank Turner: I still believe (Last minutes and lost evenings) Frank Turner & Billy Bragg: The times they are a changin (Live from Wembley-DVD) Felice Brothers: Cumberland Gap (Amigo) Revelers: Cry for you (st) Imidiwen: J’entends la guerre (Image de Kidal) Rachel Brooke: Late night lover (A killer’s dream) Rachel Brooke: Gather and hear […]