30 Oktober 2012



Allan Taylor: Golden island (Down the years I travelled)  27 lps
Chatham County Line: Gunfight in Durango (Sight and sound)
Coal Porters: Heroes (Find the one)
Trishas: Little sweet cigars (High, wide and handsome)
Trishas:  One down (High, wide and handsome)
Catherine Irwin: Piss to gin
Catherine Irwin:  Banks of the Ohio
Amy la Verne & Shannon McNally: Never been sadder
Rosie Flores: Surf demon #5 (Working girl’s guitar)
Malcolm Holcombe: The door (Down the river)
Greg Brown: Now that I’m my grampa (Hymns to what is left) mit Bo ramsey iris peta
Im Lauderdale: The night the moon fell down (Carolina Moonrise) mit Roert Hunter
Ian Siegal:  Earlie Grace jr. (Candy store kid)
Mama Rosin: Black samedi (Bye bye Bayou)

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