16 Oktober 2012



Beth Orton: Call me the breeze (Sugaring season)
Caroline Herring: Travelling shoes (Camilla)
David Hidalgo, Mato Nanji & Luther Dickinson: Mississippi clean (3 skulls and the truth)
Iris DeMent: The night I learned how not to pray (Sing the delta)
Larry and his Flask: Swing (Hobo’s lament)
Letka: Banks of the Ohio (Far off country)
Snakefarm: Michael (My halo at halflight)
Rickie Lee Jones: Play with fire (The devil)
Sera Cahoone: Shakin hands Deer Creek Canyon)
Shoebox Letters: The start of falling apart (Nowadays)
Terakraft: Imidiwan Sajdate Ahi (Kel Tamasheq)
Amanar: Awadam (Alghafiat)
Vanessa Peters: The State I live in The burn, the truth, the lies)
Lorraine McCauley: Stepping stones (Light In The Darkest Corner)
Lucy Kaplansy: Gone gone one (Reunion)

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