26 April 2006

Avett Brothers: Matrimony (Four thieves gone)
Avett Brothers: The fall (Four thieves gone)
Big In Iowa: Hamiltucky Honkly Tonk Hero (Gezzil Pete!)
Big In Owa: Two Lane Highway (Banging and Knockin)
Olly Oakley: The jovial huntsman (The Pig’s Big 78s)
Sonny Terry: Rif and harmonica jump (The Pig’s Big 78s)
Johnny Dowd: Praise god (Cruel words)
Johnny Dowd: Drunk (Cruel words)
Wilco: Red eyed and blue (Being there)
Sloberbone: Shoot you dead (Crow pot pie)
Honeydogs: Kandiyohi (Everything,. I bet you)
Scott Miller: 8 miles a gallon (Citation)
Calexico: Roka (Garden ruin)
Calexico: Panic Open string (Garden ruin)
Avett Brothers: The lowering (Four thieves gone)

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