10 Mai 2006

Be Good Tanyas: Reuben (Chinatown)
Johnny Dowd: Johnny B. Goode (Cruel Words)
Sean Watkins: No lighted windows (Blinders on)
Steve Earle: Down the road (Guitar Town)
Mekons: King Arthur (Edge of the world)
Jayhawks: Let the last night be the longest (Bunkhouse)
Calexico: Deep down (Garden ruin)
Amparanoia: Nada (La vida te da)
Lou Rhodes: Tremble (Beloved one)
Minus Five: With a gun (Gun album)
Puerto Muerte: Yeah (Muerto County)
Puerto Muerto: Walking (Muerto County)
Avett Brothers Gimmeakiss (Four thieves gone)
Avett Brothers: Matrimony (Four thieves gone)
Jeb Loy Nichols: Painted my dream house blue (Now then)

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