30 Mai 2023

Michael Jerome Browne: Livin with the blues (Getting together)
Brownie McGhee: Key to the highway (Back home blues)
Marty Cooper: Mama was a cowgirl (I wrote a song)
Jon Wilcox: Migrant song (Stages of my life)
Ellis Paul: When Angels fall (55)
Anna Elizabeth Laube: Buckets of Rain (Wild outside)
Parker McCollum: Speed (Never enough)
Maxine Funke: Willow White (River said)
Dean Owens: Tombstone Rose (El Tiradita)
Dean Owens & Calexico: How the west was stolen (El Tiradita)
Dean Johnson: Old TV (Nothing for me, please)
Sons of Rainier: Sweetest moments (Take me anywhere)
Mute Duo: Bisrama (Migrant Flocks)

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