23 März 2021

Paradise of Bachelors Special

Bob Bradshaw: Sideways (The ghost light)
MG Boulter: The slow decline (Clifftown)
James Combs: Circle days
Ben de la Cour: From now on (Shadowland)
Oladepo Ogomodede: Take Five (Spiritual jazz 5)

Paradise of Bachelors Special

Mega Bog: Left door (Dolphine)
James Elkington & Nathan Salsberg: Fleurette Africaine (Amsace)
Red River Dialect: My friend (Abundance welcoming ghosts)
Nap Eyes: Mark Zuckerberg (Snapshot of a beginner)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: Three Ravens (Out of sight)
Terry Allen: Pirate Jenny (Moby Dick)
Nathan Bowles: Moonshine is the sunshine (Whole and Cloven)
Mike Polizze: Wishing well : (Long lost solace find)

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