06 April 2021

Old Roots, New Routes 2021

Davey Graham & Shirley Collins: Reynardine (Old Roots, New Routes)

Lal and Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus (Bright Phoebus)

Incredible String Band: Mercy I cry city (Hangman‘s beautiful daughter)

Jim Ed: I heard the bluebirds sing (Country Guitar)

Melissa Carper: Would you like to get some goats  (Daddy‘s country gold)

Anne Keating: Half mast (Bristol county tides)

Mossy Kilcher: Cloudy day (Northwind calling)

Nathan Bowles: Chiaroscuro (Whole and cloven)

Sara Watkins: Blue shadows on the trail (Under the pepper tree)

First Aid Kit: Sisters of mercy (Who by fire) sc

Golden Roses: Songs about my cowboy hat (Devil’s in the details)

Raul Malo: Sound of silence (Quarantunes)

Fretland: Have another beer (st)

New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Searchlight (st)

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