12 september 2017



Dave Rawlings: Come on over my house (Poor David’s Almanack)
Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons: Short time come again no more (A selection of ever popular favourites)
Ian Felice: Road to America (In the kingdom of dreams)
Bob Bradshaw: Working onĀ  my protest song (American echoes)
Amelia White: Said it like a king (Rhythm of the rain)
Ciara Sidine: Woman of constant sorrow (Unbroken line)
The New Colony Six: Cadillac (Garage rock essentials)
Mark Olson: Mary Francis (Spopkeswoman of the bright sun)
Micah P. Hinson: Lover’s lane ( (presents the holy strangers)
Rick Shea and the Losin End: Miss me when I’m gone (The town where I live)
Sonny Burgess: Gone (The Arkansas wild man)
Iron & Wine: Thomas County Law (Beast epic)
Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani: Ntsikana’s Bell (Good news fro Afrika)

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