29 August 2017



Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer: Is it too much? (Not dark yet)
Allison Moorer: Thunderstorm/Hurrican (Down to believing)
Shelby Lynn: Heaven’s only days down the road (Revelation road)
AM: Easy in the summertime (Crows)

Yawpers: Mon dieu (Boy in a well)
Will Hoge: Through missing you (Anchors)
Big Sadie: Need your love (Keep me waiting)
Jesse Terry: Won’t let the boy die (Stargazer)
Ciara Sidine:  Let the rain fall  (Unbroken line)
Ciara Sidine: Constellations high (Shadow road shinig)

Dave Rawlings: Money is the meat in the cocvonut ((Poor David’s Almanack)
Jerry Douglas Band: Hey Joe (What if)
Jerry douglas: Hey Joe ( Slide rules)

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