17 März 2015

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Caitlin Canty: Get up (Reckless skyline)
Bob Dylan: Why try to change me now (shadows in the night)
Steve Earle: The usual tim (Terraplane)
Alice DiMicele: When Jane rides scout (Swim)
Alice DiMicele: Ripple
Dorthia Cottrell: Oak grove
Caitlin Canty: Unknown legend (Reckless skyline)
Napoleon Strickland: Crying won’t make me stay (Delta Blues- Blue eye)
Gurf Morlix: Dinah (Eatin at me)
Karine Polwart: Death if Queen Jane (Fairest Floo’er)
Jim White: Israelites
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman: The banishing book (tomorrow will follow today)
Allen Sherman: helloh Muddah hello Fadah (Dr. Demented 20th Anniversary – Novelty Records)
Jim White: Jim 3-16 (Take it like a man)

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