31 März 2015



Gibson Brothers: How mountain girls can love (Botherrhood)
Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans: I’ve had it (Vanity session)
French Cowboy: Supermarket (Baby Face Nelson was a french cowboy)
French Cowboy: Stranger( Baby Face Nelson was a french cowboy)
Gibson Bros.: Bo Diddley pulled a boner (Big Pine Boogie)

Special Wayfaring Stranger pt. 7: Westwärts

New Lost City Ramblers: Cumberland Gap (There ain’t no way out) instrrumental
Woody Guthrie: Cumberland Gap (Pastures of plenty)
Tim O’Brien: A mountaineer is always free (The crossing)
Gillian Welch: Copper Kettle (live version from bootleg)

Allison Moorer: Blood (Down to believing)
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum: Alaska (Guest house)
Gretchen Peters: When all you got is a hammer (Blackbirds)
James McMurty: How I’m gonna find you now (Complicated game)
John Hartford: The girl witht the long brown hair (Housing Project)
Rhiannon Giddens: Shake Sugaree (Tomorrow is my turn)

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