29 Juni 2010



Howe Gelb: The Ballad of Lole y Manuel (Alegrias)
John Prine: Bear Creek Blues (In person and on stage)
Avett Brothers: Spanish Pipedream (Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows – Songs of John Prine)
Lucinda Williams: Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Twistable, Turnable Man – A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein)
Shel Silverstein: Don’t go to sleep on the road ( The Great Conch Train Robbery)
Walkabouts: Cello song (Brittle Days- A Tribute to Nick Drake)
Makgona Tshole Band: Vula bops (Thunder before dawn)
Mohatella Queens: Asambe mntakamama (Izbani Zomgqashiyo)
Kofi Sammy and his Okukuseku Band: Ma damfo pa wu a (Bosoe Special)
Kevin Welch: Midnight and noon (A patch of blue sky)
Punch Brothers: Rye whiskey (Antifogmatic)
Jimmy Dean: Nothing can’t stop my love (Sings His Television Favorites)
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant: Swinging on the strings ( 2 guitars country style)

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