01 Juni 2010



Otis Taylor: Hands On Your Stomach (Clovis People Vol. 3)
Holly Golightly: When he comes (Medicine County)
John Prine: Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore (In Person and on stage)
Jim Lauderdale: Alligator Alley (Pathwork River)
Dirtmusic: All tomorrow’s parties (BKO)
Tamikrest: Amidinin (Adagh)
Dirtmusic: Niger sundown (BKO)
Johnny Dowd: Hello Happiness (Wake up the snakes)
Romi Mayes: Tire Marks (Achin in yer bones)
Romi Mayes: I won’t cry (Achin in yer bones)
Red Krayola: John Wayne (Five american portraits)

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