20. Februar 2024

Willi Carlisle: Dry country dust (Critterland) 

Sarah Jarosz: Runaway Train (Polaroid lovers)lle

William Elliott Whitmore: Bunker built for two (Silently, the mind breaks)

Niall McCabe: November Swell (Rituals) 

John Leventhal:That‘s all I know about Arkansas (Rumble strip) 

Project Smok: Folex (The outset)

Colby T. Helms: Mountain Brandy (Tales of Misfortune)

Holler Choir: Ain‘t too soon (Songs before they write themselves) 

Lauren Collier: Kouman nou ye (Uddevalla ) 

Sue Decker: Cheatin side of town (Keeping time)

Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine: Salvage (Outlier) 

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