23. Januar 2024

You are Wolf: Twa Magicians (hare hunter moth goth)
You Re Wolf: Hare song 1
Martyn Joseph: Alberts Place (This is what I want to say)
Martyn Joseph: The ballad of William Worthy (Days of decision: A tribute to Phil Ochs)
Charles Wesley Godwin: All again (Family ties)
Alice Di Micele: Over my head (Interpretations Volume 1)
Vanessa Peters: Out to sea (Flying on instruments)
Dawn Riding: Hold on (You‘re still here)
Cedarsmoke: Goodnight Marianne (The Great and the terrible)
Jude Brothers: practicing silence /looking for water! (Render tender / blue sunder)
Ro?na?n O? Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly: Sin sin (The Beautiful Road)
Ashley McBryde: 6th of October (The devil I know)
Lau Noah: Lesser men would call it love (A dos)

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