23 Juni 2015



Special: The Who Sell Out

Nearly all the songs are avaialble online via Youtube, so I packed links on my website.

Evan Jones & The H-Bombs: Rollin through the night (Rolling through the night)
Who: Our love was (Sell out)
Petra Haden: Tattoo (The Who sell out)
Mark Lindsay & Wayne Kramer: I can see for miles ( Who are you)
Lord Sitar: I can see for miles (Lord Sitar)
Yo La tengo: Marianne with the shaky hand (Is murdering the classics)
Petra Haden: Rael (The Who sell out)
Space Negros: Silas Stingyx / Boris the Spider (Do Generic Ethnic Muzak Verions Of All Your Favorite Punk/Psychedelic Songs From The Sixties)
Brendan Benson/Cloud Eleven: Medac/Relax
Petra Haden: Heinz baked beans (The Who sell out)
Sugar: Armenia City in the sky
Who: I can’t reach you
Petra Haden: I can’t reach you
Evan Jones & The H-Bombs: Evacuation (Rolling through the night)

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