16 September 2014



Millpond Moon:  Haywire ( Broke in Brooklyn)
Ester Rose Parkes: Pearl (The other country)
Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer: Tarnation (Bass and mandolin)
Cahalen Morrison: The delata devine (The flower of Muscvle Shoals)
Catherine MacLellan: Jack’s song (The raven’s sun)
Dogwood & Holly:  I know not (Moth and rust)
Honig: Lemon Law (It’s not a hummingbird)
Jim Keaveny:   Lucy ain’t got no arms (Out of time)
Lucette: river rising (Black is the colour)
Dustin Welch: Dirty mind (Whiskey Priest)
Kevin Welch: Kicking back in Amsterdam ( Life down here oon earth)
Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt: Echo in the hills)(For Keeps)
Durutti Column: Colette (The return of..)

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