26 November 2013



Vietnam Special (More information)

Donovan: The war drags on (Universal soldier EP)
Chuck Rosenberg: Boonie rat song (SONGS OF AMERICANS IN THE VIETNAM WAR)
Jim Reeves: Distant drums
Sandy & Sue: Our daddy’s in Vietnam
Freda Payne: Bring the boys home (A soldier’s story – Vietnam through the eyes of Black America)
Rod McKuen: Soldiers who want be heroes
Country Joe McDonald: Agent orange song
Peacemakers: Vietnam foreign correspondent
Patrick Sky: Luang Prabang
FPO San Francisco: Vietnam still part of who I am
Isabel Parra & Quilapayun: Por Vietnam (Lieder aus Chile (AMIGA 855264))
Barbara Dane: The Kent State Massacre
Melanie: Peace will come
Manfred Krug: Vietnam-Song (Hippies, Hasch und Flower Power – 68er-Pop aus Deutschland)

The rest is from: Bear Family Box: Next stop is Vietnam

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