12 Juni 2012



C. C. Adcock: Stealin all day(Lafayette Marquis)
Giant Giant Sand: Lost love (Tucson)
Alejandro Escovedo:Can’t make me runĀ  (Big Station)
Captain Beefheart: Frying Pan (Diddy wah diddy)
Neil Young: Wayfaring stranger (Americana)
Laura Cantrell: Cellar door (Hello recordings)
Kelly Hogan: Slumber’s sympathy ((I likie to keep myself in pain)
Hazel Dickens: Only a hobo (It’s hard to tell the singer from the song)
Jad Fair & Gilles Rieder: he vampires are here (Songs from a Haunted House)
Leftover Salmon: Sing up the moon (Aquatic hitchhiker)
The Imagined Village: Winter singing (Bending the Dark)
Susan Cattaneo: Pennies on the rail (Little Big Sky)
Cornshed Sisters: Tommy (Tell tales)

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