21 Okt 2008

Twilight Hotel: Highway Prayer (Highway Prayer)
Ashleigh Flynn: The 7th sea (American Dream)
Gentle Gust: Love long dead (We Are Bound To Save Some Souls Tonight )
Stairwell Sisters: David & Goliath (Get off your money)
Stairwell Sisters: Selina/Nancy Blevins (Get off your money)
Jessica Lea Mayfield: The one that I love best (With blasphemy so heartfelt)
Luke Powers: Indian Eyes (Texasee)
Moriarty: Jimmy (Gee whiz but this is a lonesome town)
Rebeca Martin: Atrer midnight (Growing season)
Nik Freitas: I ain’t like that (Sun down)
Katie Herzig: I want to belong to you (Apple tree)
Maura O’Connell: Summerfly (Helpless Heartz)
Lucksmiths: California in popular song(First Frost)
Bembeya Jazz National: Dya Dya (The Syliphone years)

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