11 dez 2002

Shiners: Hurricane Blues
Terry Clarke: Mayo Mambo
Nick Cave: Stagger Lee
Frank Hutchinson: Stackalee
Rex Hobart: I don’t feel it anymore
Shiners: Mr Scarecrow
Lucero: I’ll just fall
Motikat: Long prairie
Alison Krauss: baby now that I found you
Alison Krauss: We hide and seek
Catherine Irwin: Will you miss me
Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis: Pack up your sorrows
Peter Rowan: Take me back to the range
Susan Alcorn: Amazing grace


Cary Hudson, Orange Blossom Special, Beverungen, May 19th 2002
/ August afternoon / God don’t never change / Butterfly / Bend with the wind / Lakeside / High heel sneakers / By your side / Soul sister / 8 ball blues / Blue canoe11 Poppa / Wink / Black dog

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