21 Juli 2004

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Skip Spence: Cripple Creek (Oar)
Michael Nesmith: Silver moon (Loose salute)
Skip Spence: Little hands (Oar)
Skip Spence: Dixie peach promenade (Oar)
Jay Farrar: Weighted down (the prison song) (more oar)
Beck: Halo of gold (more oar)
Michael Nesmith: Texas morning (Nevada fighter)
Michael Nesmith: Two different roads (And the hits just keep on comin)
Scott McKnight: Sunny girlfriend(Pap Nez)
Western Electric: Sweet young thing (Pap Nez)
Mark Sheehy: The demise of Eric Johnson (Rock paper Jesus)
Mark Sheehy: you and me (Rock paper Jesus)
Michael Carpenter: You and me (Rolling ball)
Michael Carpenter: Emily says (Rolling ball)

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