13 Sept 2006

Take Root Festival Special

Ryan Adams: Magnolia mountain (Cold roses)
Johnny Dowd: Johnny B. Goode (Cruel words)
Jim White: Alabama chrome (Drill a hole in the substrate and tell me what you see)
Luka Bloom: Gypsy Music (Innocence)
Hobotalk: Book of life (Notes on sunset)
Kelly Stoltz: Ever thought of coming back (Below the branches)
Teitur: Rough around the edges (Poetry and aeroplanes)
Neal Casal: Too far to fall (No wish to reminisce)
Neal Casal: Saw stars(No wish to reminisce)
Ryan Adams: Easy plateau(Cold roses)
Colin Linden: Blackbird
Krista Detor: Mudshow (Mudshow)
Jim White: Heaven in my heart (Wrong eyed Jesus)

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